If you’ve followed my journey at all you know where I started (320lbs/sz 50 pants/3x – almost 4x shirts), I shed close to 85lbs in a year and within a 1.5 years I have allowed distraction, weakness, failure, stress eating, and sugar addiction to get the best of me resulting in a 60lbs gain. There is hurt, doubt, fear, regret, a d hope in each of the regained pounds. 

Today, I choose better. 

I walked up to the vending machine to get something my idle mind was telling me I “needed”. The machine wouldn’t take my money – thankfully! Instead, I walked to the break room, grabbed my shaker bottle, and mixed a shake. Protein,fiber, and all kinds of goodness in one shake. Sometimes victories are a day of good choices and strong will and sometimes, like today, they are a single moment. Joyfully, my money wouldn’t go in and I had a chance to think and choose better. I hope you do the same. #choosebetter #healthierme #efbmreboot #myjourney #littlevictories