What is it about “maintaining” that is so difficult? Old habits, new habits, what is good for you or good to you… there are days I feel like I am circling a drain. Sometimes the maintaining keeps me buoyant enough to not go down. Then there are other days there the bad habits and junk get the best of me and down the drain I go. 

If you are new to EFBM then know that I am human. I am. My struggles are probably similar to yours: 

*I’m not always happy with my body image nor am I always comfortable in my own skin. 

*I have fat and a negative inner voice.

*My eating choices are just as good as they are bad. 

*My workouts can be fantastic or imaginary. 

See we aren’t so different. 

Our biggest difference is that I’m putting it out there. Our biggest difference is that I wrote this and you are reading it. 

So while you read this know that these words are your words. My victories are yours and my defeats are too. 

Cheers and Happy Reading!