The bride and I have been making sustainable gradual changes and as much as I would love to say we have shed all the fat we want that isn’t the case. The older I get the more I realize it is harder to be an all or nothing person. 

Our first biggest change was to stop being lazy and start doing something. Our next big change coming up in a few days will be returning to a Paleo style diet. (By diet I don’t mean a short term program, I mean a lifestyle change). 

Speaking for both of us we are dissatisfied with the shape we are in. The only thing round I want in my life are my muscles (and her booty 😉) not my midsection. On average, most people see huge success from 80% diet/20% training – we are going to adopt a 50%/50% approach. This means an overhaul of what we eat and what we do. 

My plan, at least in the infant stages in my mind, is going to be like a living, breathing, adapting organism reflecting our goals and changes – being modified as we are modified. This is nothing new. Nutritionalists, personal trainers, multi-billion dollar supplement companies all know this and apply this to their programs. Why not do this on a micro-level for us. 

Let us know your story so we can cheer you on! 

~Fatboy & Bride