Hey everybody! 

Three big things going on in today’s post so let’s get started! 

1. Half Marathon – I DID IT!!!! I’m not going to say it was awesome. Mainly, because at times it sucked, but I did it! My time was 3:36:35. This time around I did the best I could do. I was hoping for a pace between 17:00 & 17:30 min/mile. My race average was 16:48min/mile! Notice I wrote “this time around” eluding to the I’m doing it again! My goal is to come in under… wait for it… 2:30:00!!! Crazy I know, but with the lessons learned from training and race day it is possible! I know it is! What’s even crazier is my Bride is going to be training for a FULL MARATHON!!! So definitely cheer her on! 

2. We (the bride and I) started intermittent fasting today. Day 1 has been so much easier than I thought it would be! I have been impressed with the amount of energy, mental clarity, and “on it” I’ve felt today! The morning also started with a cardio workout so that really got the blood flowing! We shall see how tomorrow goes. 

3. Measurement time.. realistically I was expecting way worse numbers because of how bloated I’ve felt since the race, but this week’s measurements are as follows:

Neck 16″ – no change

Chest 47.5 – no change

Waist 47″ – 1.75″ down

Hips 49″ – 1.0″ down

Butt 50″ – no change 

Right Arm 15″ – no change

Left Arm 15″ – no change

Upper R Thigh 31.5 – .75″ down

Lower R Thigh 22.5 – .25″ increase

Upper L Thigh 31″ – 1.5″ down

Lower L Thigh 22.5 – no change

R Calf 19″ – .25″ increase

L Calf 18.75 – no change

R Ankle 10″ – .75″ down

L Ankle 10.5 – .25″ down

Total body comp changes – net loss of 5.5″

Body weight: 298lbs – net increase of 5lbs. 

As I take stock of how I feel, the places that I show an increase are the same places that are the most uncomfortable from the half marathon and the gain of 5 pounds is a reflection of how bloated I feel. So there you have it. I hope this has been as exciting for you as it has for me. 

Remember, we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives.