Hey everybody! 

I don’t know about you, but I am thankful that it’s Friday! The end of the week to unwind, yet I can’t… not quite yet. Sunday has me super nervous and excited! Today, I went and picked up the race packets for Sunday. There was so much going on I am sure I missed a vendor or two. I had a really hard time focusing! 

Everyone was so nice! I’m not surprised with the amount of encouragement and excitement from vendors, sponsors, and race volunteers. Everyone was so welcoming! It reminded me that I am doing this for much more than just a race. I am doing this to prove to myself that nothing is impossible. Nothing is out of my reach when I am willing to stare into the face of fear and laugh louder and a little crazier than its taunts of my insecurities. 

We are not the sum of our fears, but the culmination of how we live to rise above them. We are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives.