Hey everybody!

My apologizes for not posting yesterday, but I wasn’t sure what to write. Today, its going to be about nerves… My nerves are a bit frazzled. Well, maybe not frazzled, but nervous and a little anxious. The half marathon my Bride and I signed up for is this coming Sunday and I’ve started getting emails about race packet pickup, how to wear the bib (even what my bib number is!), and transportation and parking at the event. I wouldn’t say that I’m scared, but I do have some butterflies or moths or something in my stomach each time I think about the race!

I’m not scared or backing down… I guess you could call these pre-race jitters. I’ve read about them, but I never thought they would happen.

Do you experience any pre-race or pre-event jitters? Feel free to share you stories!

More than likely, Friday and (of course) Saturday are going to be full of all kinds of jitters… looks like some melatonin will become part of my nighttime routine!

All of this reminds me, we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives.