Happy Monday Evening!

Here is what’s happening.

Race Day is coming up and so my Bride and I are ensuring our final prep is ready. We are packing a bag for post race so if you have any recommendation feel free to share.

I had set a goal to walk during my lunch breaks and that hasn’t really been happening. I was able to for a couple of days, but then work life got crazy. Take it as an excuse if you want, but the reality is if i am so rigid in my routine and schedule to not allow flexibility then i will set my self up for failure, but I have been diligent in my nutrition and in my final weeks leading up to race day.

Starting Tuesday 3/21/2017 I will be doing a 4 week trial with intermittent fasting. There are numerous studies showing the benefits of intermittent fasting. Some people will doing this for 24-48 hours at a time. I will be doing it daily.
My schedule will look like this:
Wake up: 16 ounces of water
4-5:30AM: Morning Workout
8-9AM: 1 cup of Isa Coffee which contains MCT and other great thing stuff.
10-11: BCAAs
12-1PM: Green Tea
2:00PM First Meal
6:00PM Second Meal
10:00PM Last Meal

My next phase of training will be strength building using weights, resistance bands, and yes running. While I do not have the exact program worked out yet, I will be working up to 5 miles of running everyday. This may sound like a lot, but with all that I struggle with: eating disorder, sugar addiction, low metabolism (I pack on fat like its going out of style), and others this program which I hope will become my way of life will be more beneficial that I can hope. If nothing else, this will give me the opportunity to get to know myself even better.

As I grow to be better, remember, we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives.