Here we are, it’s Friday!!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am excited for the weekend! Granted, there is much to do, but I won’t let it stress me out! 

For my half marathon training this weekend is my last long run before the race. I will be pushing myself to gauge how I think race day will go. 

Other stuff going on: making sure all that I need is ready for race day. Packet pickup is Friday & Saturday. Layout/pack up my pre-race, Intra-race, and post race supplements and nutrition. Pre-cutting my KT Tape…I’m laughing to myself right now because my KT Tape game is going to be CRAZY on race day! Here is my rundown for taping: at least 1 knee if not both, Soleus muscles both legs, anterior shin on one leg, posterior sin on the other! I am going to be the poster child for KT Tape! Haha! 

The last thing to do is not freak out! Easier typed than done, but I have to remind myself my bride and coach will be with me the whole way! We will rest the night before, double check race day gear and stuff, and finally pray! Lots and lots of prayer! Lol! 

I am excited, nervous, scared, pumped, and in disbelief all at the same time! 

Enough about that! Other stuff coming soon: intermittent fasting, Keto, nutritional timing, and what’s after the race all coming up this weekend so stay tuned! 

In the meantime remember, we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives!