While others are posting #transformationtuesday photos I’m working on my transparency. Posting these numbers feels like standing exposed for all the world to see. You would think that the screen separation between me and would you make this easier, but it doesn’t. 

So here we go! 


Neck 16.75″ -0.5″

Chest 49″ -1.0″

Waist 49″ -0.5″

Hips 51″ -0.50″

Butt 52″ no change

Right Arm 15.75″ -0.25″

Left Arm 15.5″ no change

Upper R Thigh 31.5″ -1.5″

Lower R Thigh 22.5″ -1.0″

Upper L Thigh 33″ no change

Lower L Thigh 23″ -0.5″

R Calf 19″ -0.5″

L Calf 19″ -0.5″

R Ankle 10.25″ -0.75″

L Ankle 10.5″ -0.5″
Total Body Comp change for the week: -8″!!!

Weight 297lbs 
Total body weight change for the week: -5lbs!!! 
Now to keep up with what I’m doing! 

Let me know how you are doing. 

Remember, we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives!