As I stated yesterday, I would post my starting point. For the sake of accountability (and it helps me to stay motivated) here is my starting point… ugh! 

Weight: 302lbs

Neck: 17.5″

Chest: 50″

Waist: 49.5″

Butt: 52″

Hips: 51.5″

Right Arm: 16″

Left Arm: 15.5″

Upper R Thigh: 33″

Lower R Thigh: 23.5″

Upper L Thigh: 33″

Lower L Thigh: 23.5″

R Calf: 19.5″

L Calf: 19.5″

Ankle: 11″

Ankle: 11″

I’ll post an update next week and we’ll see if I’ve made any progress in a week.