My morning started with the decision for better. It would have been so easy to roll over and cuddle with my bride this morning (as someone with a love language of touch and quality cuddling fills my love tank!), but instead I chose to get up and work out. 

Yes, I am proud of myself! Thanks for asking! 

Yesterday, I took a half-hour walk at lunch (I need to remember to bring different shoes. My redwing boots gave me blisters). This morning I did yoga and stretching (cause I am not flexible, but used to be and would like to be again) for almost an hour. I have forgotten how good this can feel! 

I made smart choices when it came to my food choices and even paced myself when it came to dinner so I wouldn’t over do it! Score! 

These kinds of choices are what lead to better habits and feeling better overall! My mind feels clearer, by body feels better and I know soon enough my clothes will be fitting differently. 

As far as my measurements, I haven’t done them yet. Can you blame me? I know I’ve put on a bunch of weight and fat, but I’m a bit happy in my ignorance of just how much. I will be doing them tonight though. I know that its a terrible time to do them, but by the time I remembered this morning it was too late. To keep things consistent for the first 30 days, I’ll weigh-in and measure at night. So stay tuned. 

Little changes add up to big results – at least that is what I’m telling myself! Ha-Ha! 

Let me know how you are doing! It is encouraging to celebrate in your success and endearing to share in your struggle. Because you and I are not in this life alone. 

Remember, we are ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives. ~ Erik

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