I shape me

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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: If you haven’t already figured it out no one is going to make you do this. No one is going to push you if you aren’t pushing yourself. When you identify yourself as someone who is going to try then the support, the encouragement, and the help from others will come. But you have to make the choice. No one is going to do it for you.

Stop saying tomorrow. Tomorrow will never come if you continue to procrastinate. Give me a valid reason, not an excuse of why you aren’t making even the smallest changes to better your health. I would love to hear what you have to say in response to why aren’t you doing something. The time is now. “That day” you keep telling everyone will the day you start something is this day. Putting it off and never starting makes your words empty and hollow. It also makes you a liar. You are first lying to yourself and then to others.

If you really believe that putting it off over and over will eventually lead to something then come visit my flea circus. I have trained them to do amazing things! But if you are ready to stop lying, stop fooling yourself and really try I mean really make a difference into the course of your actions then I and others are here to help you.

A wise and dear friend recently said, “You are worth the effort.” I want you to tell yourself that 100 times today. I want you to know that you are beautifully crafted and the physical dissatisfaction you feel and are prolonging are misery. You are taking the magnificence of the creation that you are and denying it the proper care! That’s like taking a Monet or Rembrandt and admiring its masterful workmanship and then splashing it with paint remover and kerosene then setting it ablaze! Stop destroying yourself by doing nothing!

Take control of this day and everyday that follows! Do not succumb to your excuses, but use them as fuel to reveal the beauty in who you are. This is not a call to be a model or anything like that. This is a call to stop settling and strive for something you have only longed for… contentedness.

Now get up and seize this day!

Have a great day and a great workout!