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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: have you given up? Are you still pushing forward? Are you still pressing toward your goals?

Around the gym I have heard a term used,almost derogatory, “resolvers”. These are people who make a new year’s resolution to get in the gym and make changes in their life. They come for a few days, weeks, and even months but the quit. Are you one of these? Are you a resolver?

I took a couple days off from the gym because of working on my car. For me this is an all in process that ends up being a total body workout and I am sore for days after. So I take a couple days off, do stretches, and then get back on track. If you have stopped, start again! If you’ve stopped do you regret it yet? Do you wish you hadn’t?

Now is the time to start again! Get up! Get going! Push toward satisfaction not compromise!

Have a great day and a great workout!