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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: one of my biggest mistakes over the years was thinking tiny changes for a tiny period of time and would be frustrated when I wouldn’t see drastic results. I hadn’t really made any changes. Especially when I would do things like not eat the whole candy bar I had purchased after eating about 1300 calories in one meal with 3500mg of sodium, and a whole host of other horrible things. So only eating half the candy bar there was no change… Not really.

It takes REAL changes to bring REAL results! Proper nutrition, exercise, and rest are what is needed for real changes. Don’t be delusional like I was the changes you make need to reflect your goals!

If you are the kind of person who gets overwhelmed by changes take it slow. Make changes one at a time if all at once is too much for you. Changes are going to pull you out of your comfort zone, but they don’t have to be overwhelming!

And it should go without saying stick with it! Walking once may help you feel better, but won’t have any long term benefits. Stick with and don’t give up!

Have a great day and a great workout!