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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: fear is one of the biggest factors keeping us from our goals.

We fear:
It will be too expensive (pay the farmer or the doctor)
It will be too hard (it will be hard but you can do it)
It will take too long (you didn’t become unhealthy overnight)
It will hurt (going from lazy to active is going to be uncomfortable)
I will get discouraged (keep your head up and your goals in front of you)

And on, and on, and on

You have to ask yourself what you want more? Sure you’ve mastered laziness, over eating, poor nutrition, and coming up with excuses, but don’t left that fact that it might or you might suck at it keep you from doing your best! Ask yourself this question, “prior to today, was I doing the best at living my life?”

Most if us would want to say yes, I mean who wouldn’t, but could we really? But if you were, honestly, living and doing life to your fullest potential then why were you so dissatisfied and felt you needed a change?

Today, realize that you might suck at changing your life, but you will get better with consistency and practice! Go out there and give it your absolute best!

Have a great day and a great workout!