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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: today’s motivation comes from my Bride and a little bit about her personal struggle.

Confessions of a formally skinny chick: episode one- Fats are good!
News break- I haven’t always been big. In fact, there were times I was quite slight, unhealthy so.

One buzz word that comes up when you work on your health: FAT!!!
When did this become a four letter word?! ( yes, I know it only has three letters, stick with me) when you “diet” you avoid fat like the plague. “Diet, low fat, fat free… Those are your friends!” At least that’s what they say. Little did I know the chemical crap storm I was letting in my body! I gave up fat, and put a whole ton of non-nutrient rich stuff in my body. There’s a reason why the weight packed on. There was a reason I was “skinny” and not “fit.”

Fat is good for you and I cut it out of my regular diet!!!

I know this blows your mind a bit, but it’s true. Here’s the catch- where does the fat content come from? There are good fats (eggs, avocado…) and bad fats ( chips, fried foods…). Do your research!! But eat those good fats. They’ll fuel your body and your muscles. Until next time…
~former “skinny” chick
(Aka the bride :] )