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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: oh I am feeling it today! That voice in my head saying, “lay back down, the gym will be there tomorrow!” It is so convincing and loud… But that’s it. It’s a con. It’s the excuses and laziness within me and you trying to hold fast, trying to get you to quit!


You may not have a personal trainer shouting at you to keep pushing or one more rep, but you have a wild full of advertising and yourself saying it’s ok to be who you are as long as it is who we say. Well, that’s crap! Skinny sucks! Be healthy and fit! Be a beast! Be whatever but just know you are defined by your actions.

Those same actions can be regular rigorous exercise that defines the body of a person who didn’t quit!
(See what I did there)

Don’t quit! Don’t give up! And don’t listen to the voice in your head saying it’s ok, the gym will be there tomorrow!

Get up!

Have a great day and a great workout!