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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I run into situations where I will justify a reason or motive for doing something. I even struggle with it now. I am a sucker for a plate of fish & chips, but it can be really not good for you and recently I have been fighting the urge to justify having it. In my head I struggle with thoughts like “well you worked hard for it” “you haven’t had it in a while, what’s just one plate?” About 1300 calories that’s what! You are going to fight against and struggle with your mind and body wanting to stay at rest or give into temptation to derail your progress, but don’t give in.

On the flip side of that you do need a scheduled rest day. You do need adequate rest so that your body has a time to heal, recharge, and get ready for your next round of training, especially if you are just starting out or beginning a new HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine. In those cases you really have earned that rest day. There are days and times that you can “cheat” on what you eat, but I would wait until you were in a place that you wouldn’t be tempted to keep on “cheating”.

Today, understand that if you need a rest then take one. If you are just craving something, have a little bit of it. That doesn’t mean that the Fat Boy is telling you to eat the package of Oreos, he is saying have one or two, but then PUT IT AWAY! Will Power, Moderation, and What’s Earned will never have to be justified because they will be worked for. If you find yourself playing the back and forth game in your head about should you, could you, would it be ok…You probably shouldn’t, probably couldn’t, and really wouldn’t be doing what you are wrestling with. Derailment is a success killer. One of my favorite things in road racing (cars not bikes) is that to go faster you have to go slower. The same goes for lifestyle change… too hard too fast and you will burn out. But scheduled, regulated, maintained changes are what leads to prolonged success.

Don’t give up!

Have a great day and a great workout!