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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: this morning I am needing this. I have not been a regular watcher of Biggest Loser and of the few times I did watch I usually had a whole microwave pizza in front of me or a gallon (not pint) of ice cream that I would eat half of in one sitting. I would sit there and actually miss boot camp. There is something about someone yelling at you to push you past your comfort zone.

In my head I can hear Jillian yelling to keep going. She is looking furious at the excuses that the contestants are using and she is laying in to them. Since most if us do not have someone yelling at us to keep going we have to find that push, that drive to make something happen. For me it was the disappointment on my face and the enormity of my clothes. Now it has become a contest, can push harder than yesterday?

The answer is Yes. It is ALMOST always Yes!

So keep going!

Have a great day and a great workout!