Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: today I really am speaking to myself. I am feeling discouraged and frustrated. It’s not for a lack of support from my bride because she has been amazing! But I really would like to see more fat coming off like when I first started. I know that the scale is only part of the story, but dang it… If I were dropping pant sizes like crazy the scale could read 50 lbs heavier, but only .4 lbs over the past 2 weeks and maybe a half inch off my waist… Grrr…

So with that it’s time to bit the gym to workout so hard my mind cannot be discouraged! It’s time to workout my frustration, literally. I know that whining about isn’t going to do anything, but waste time. I just want to share that today and everyday I am encouraging myself as well as you reading!

That’s a great day and a great workout!