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Hey Everybody,
I finally decided to stop dragging my feet on writing this so here is my review of Planet Fitness, from what I use it for. I have not been paid or compensated for this review and it is just my offering my experiences.

Planet Fitness Review:
I have been a member of Planet Fitness for several years now. Sadly, it wasn’t until this year that I began taking full advantage of what, in effect, my money had been wasted on. The membership is probably one of the best around, but frankly I haven’t shopped around so my claim is strictly opinion. Currently roughly $20 a month comes out of my account and once a year there is a charge of approximately $36 that comes out. There is a cheaper option but since I don’t have that one it won’t be discussed much.
What I like:
My favorite thing about PF is that Mon – Fri they are 24 hours!
What I like about the gym is that the staff is friendly and helpful. There is PLENTY of equipment and the atmosphere is always pleasant. You have your choice “free” weights, machine, treadmill, elliptical, stair-stepper, arc trainer, and even an express workout area. The free is quotations because there are two styles of weights to choose from dumbbells and curl bars which are preset but no machine is needed and then there is the squat racks which can be used for a whole host of movements. They racks have a barbell (which I assume is 45 pounds) affixed on vertical rods that allow it to be racked in and out with safety catches.
Along with my black card membership is the use of massage chairs, tanning beds, water jet massage tables, discount on most drinks in the coolers, and discount on New Balance shoes. I have taken advantage of the drink discount and the chairs, but not the others. Although, since I am a pasty white guy I think the tanning beds might be in my future. There are locker rooms for men and women (again, I can only speak for the men’s locker room since that is what I have used) there are ample lockers: full length and half-stack lockers for available to use with hasps to secure your own lock. There are 4 shower stalls, a couple of toilets and urinals and even hair dryers provided for use.
In the workout area, especially around the cardio equipment there are plenty of TVs to watch while you getting your sweat on. The channels range from E! to Fox News, CNN, to Local Stations. To listen to what is playing simply plug your headphones into the provided connection and you are good to go. You can even change the channel you would like to listen even if you aren’t watching the screen in front of you. Also there are plenty of stations to roll off some paper towels and sanitizing spray so that you can be courteous and wipe off the equipment when you are finished with it.

What I don’t like:
My biggest complaint: Saturday – Sunday the hours are 7am – 10pm. I understand why it is like this, but as someone who likes to keep a schedule shifting up for the weekends is an annoyance… (I know first world problems).
I don’t like that you are stuck with doing bench press (military, decline, incline) to the squat racks. I understand these are multi use setups, but not being able to build the surrounding stabilizer muscles for those movements is probably my biggest gripe. I am sure other people have much bigger issues, but I try to be as simple a person as I can (I don’t always succeed, but I try). But I make do. I was called, “that guy” by a friend of mine recently when I told her I do most of my weight routine on the squat rack. Jokingly she said she couldn’t talk to me anymore if I was doing that and no one else could do squats. I assured her that there were at least 6 racks at the gym I go to so it’s not like people were just standing around.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the gym. Even at my heaviest I was not uncomfortable about walking through the doors to workout. I have become a regular and the staff even shares in the excitement of my success! That to me is a big plus. I appreciate personal attention. The staff that you check-in with makes it a point to try and remember your name and it is little details like that which keep me coming back.

A few of things I have never taken advantage of: Every month there is Pizza one Friday night and bagels & cream cheese the second Tuesday morning. As much as I would love to chow down, eating Paleo doesn’t lend that option. But it sure does smell good and provides a great reminder to why I am working out so hard! Also, I have not taken advantage of the personal trainers. They are quite knowledgeable and helpful from what I have seen when they are working with others.

If you are looking for a great place to start, start over, become your primary, or just to help you maintain your reached goals then I would recommend Planet Fitness… that is until I get my home gym built/set up!
If there is anything that I have left out and you would like to know please feel free to ask. I have no problem answering questions.
Have a great day and happy reading!