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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I found today’s graphic from a beautiful little site called: theloveyourselfchallenge.tumblr.com. This site is devoted to a better self image and overcoming conditions that are the impact of detrimental self images. While my little blog isn’t for overcoming things like anorexia and cutting, we are about better self image.

But today, I want to speak to those who struggle, I mean really struggle, with their reflection. This reflection is marred by darkness and smudges that we have allowed to dirty the mirror of our mind.

Something I haven’t considered is that some of you may be struggling with something bigger than weight loss or simply getting healthy and for that I apologize. If you are, if you do struggle please find help. Please seek out those who can help you get right so you do not really hurt yourself.

There are millions of people who struggle with their self-image, but most of them are like me: their dissatisfied state is a product of their own making and can really be overcome easily with changing their food intake and what they eat. (I know easier said than done)

But those that are dissatisfied and it is an eating disorder I urge and implore you to please don’t let fear or shame or denial hold you back from getting help and support so that you can end the cycle of hurt you cannot seem to end. You are worth the time, you are worth the effort, and you are worth loving. Let someone help you clear away your dirty mirror so that you can see yourself more clearly. You, who you really are, is less about the physical and what you look like and more about the substance of your character, the depth of your life and the fullness of your heart. You are so much more than your dress size or weight on the scale. Let someone help you see this.

Have a great day,