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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: unless you are donating blood, give 100% to all you do!

Your 100% probably looks different than mine. My 100 at the gym is within 15 minutes of working out I am a sweaty, out of breath mess that is smiling like a crazy person as I fight to stay off the floor. My 100 with food is not eating that little Debbie oatmeal cream pie and downing that monster energy drink that I hear calling my name! The point is whatever you are doing, give it your best!

When I was in boot camp we PT’d (exercised) harder that the actual physical readiness test so that it would be a breeze. Let’s do the same thing in our life! Our readiness tests are those moments when we are our weakest, those moments when we want to just give in and give up. But since we have pushed past our perceived breaking point those weak moments are a breeze to go through!

So push, give your pursuit of a healthier you all that you can! You’ve started with the ferocity of a wild animal so let’s not fizzle out like a sloth (even though they are my favorite animal!)


Have a great day and a great workout!