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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: from can’t to can isn’t a fool’s trick it is real. (See what I did there… Be today and all?) I like to ask people why they can’t do something. It typically reveals a great deal about their character and how honest they are, even with themselves. It is also a great way to find out what kind of excuses are made. This isn’t meant to knock anyone down or call them out, (and if you feel that way then keep reading) but it is to help us to drop out the weakness in out words even mine.

Excuses are a joint forces people. It’s like the axis of evil for our mind and body. One if the two convinces our will power to sleep-in and before we know it another day is gone and we haven’t eaten well or worked out. The hardest thing we worked at was not doing something instead of just doing it. Our laziness, let’s just call it what it is, doesn’t want to die. It wants to fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo. It worms it’s defeatist attitude throughout our body and mind convincing us that we will do it tomorrow.

Realize you said tomorrow yesterday.

Today is the day to identify what is holding you back. What are you making excuses for and putting up as a roadblock before you have ever started? No time? Too busy? Not enough money? Too old? Too out of shape?

Guess what, round is a shape, shut up and do something!

For years I told myself why keep fighting it’s just a losing battle. Why keep awaking this desire to feel better I your own skin just to kill it and die inside a little more. After watching my bride, my best friend, and a dear friend set goals and fight tooth and nail for them I found my motivation. I found my desire then add Christmas pictures to it (and how I felt like I was big enough to love my bride with BBQ sauce instead of my whole heart) and I was ready.

For me it wasn’t gradual it was on like Donkey Kong and even today I can still hear the echoed screams of my excuses dying next to my laziness (wow, that was surprisingly dark…). If you have to do gradual then do it. Do something! Idle words show me and empty heart and a lack of will… Shut up and give me 20!!!

No Excuses! Turn you Can’t I to Can. If you need ways and ideas on how to make this happen let me know. I’d be happy to help.

Have a great day and a great workout!