I am not the kind of person who gets impressed by big guys throwing around heavy weights. I used to be, but not anymore; not since I have started focusing on building functional strength. Although, when I see someone holding a plank for several minutes or a someone doing pull-ups as easy as walking that catches me off guard.

In those moments I am almost in awe at the human body and it’s abilities. I know how bad I was shaking by the end of a 30 second plank and by my third I could not hold it past 14 seconds. But these moments of intrigue and wonder become (maybe fool-heartedly) inspiration and a challenge to try something new and different.

So I pose a challenge to you, dear reader: try something new. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. It could be a push up or some variation of one, jumping jack, burpee, a squat, something new and different. If you do decide to try let me know how it goes, were you successful or was it an epic failure and what did you try?

You never know you can if you don’t try!

Who knows you might have have your own picture like this (me after trying plank sets and v-ups):