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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I not a runner. I will use the treadmill and the elliptical, but it’s WAY less than I lift or even do basic calisthenics. I am not knocking runners. Actually, I wish I had the dedication to do it, but right now if something isn’t chasing me then Fat Boy isn’t running. As I lose more fat and excess weight off my body I find it easier to run, but I still contend I am built for comfort not speed.

The point is we are all motivated by something. For me it’s to be able to wear my Navy Dress Blue uniform again.


While I have a long way to go, I am closer than I was at Christmas. So what motivates you? Do we need to find something that can eat your feet to get you moving? We can do it! A mosquito, a frog and some Dino-DNA and we are in business!

Haha! Enough of that!

Have a great day and a great workout!