Hey everybody! I hope you have been able to enjoy today and really, the week in general! So, I know day is not the last day of the month, but tomorrow is a rest day and I won’t be gym bound (I will still probably walk during my lunch if the weather permits) so I tried see if I met my goal.

Recap: my end of month goal was to do one (1) unassisted overhand pull-up from a dead hang with active shoulders. There would be no kicking, kipping, bands, weights, or anything but lil oil’ me!

Goal Status: not reached. I was so close!!! But didn’t make it. So guess what next month’s goal will be? You guessed it sports fans: an unassisted pull-up! Now, I have this drive like I didn’t have during this month. I really want 5, but being realistic I am going to strive for one.

In order to reach this I am going to have to do more assisted pullus at lower assistance, more active hangs, add flex hangs and add negative pull-ups. I will continue to do what I have been, but incorporate more of these items. I will also increase my cardio (elliptical and treadmill), ugh… But the more excess weight I can drop off my body the better my chances!

So there it is folks. I lost no additional weight, but I have started to move into a size 42 pants and am consistently wearing an extra large shirt. What a huge change from Christmas: 3x shirts and size 50 pants!

So there it is folks! I’ll let you get back to your day! Also, I appreciate each of you reading this! There are days when I think is anyone ever reading these and on those days someone will write to me thanking me for being “the swift kick in the pants they need”! So thank you so much! That encourages and motivates me!

Have a great rest of the day!