I have not be the only person working hard around the Fat Boy house! My Bride has been doing the same. The picture on the left with her face all covered is from when she bought the top back in Dec 2013 and the one on the right was just the other day! I am so excited for her! This is proof that the scale is only part of the story! She has been running over a year now and was actually getting discouraged because she plateaued in her weight loss journey, but once we started eating Paleo/Clean Eating things started to change for her! She started actually feeding her body and not her cravings and the results speak volumes!

As a guy I know I can only speak to the guy side of things. I get that. But ladies here is proof that feeding your body (not weight watcher meals or lean cuisine) makes a world of difference! If you are proud of her too, feel free to leave a comment encouraging her and share with her your own journey/story. I will be sure she gets it!

Have a great night and great rest!