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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I could get all philosophical and state that a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step or whimsical and state that man on toilet is high on pot, but what I really what to state is just do something!

If you never move past planning or talking about then you are getting no where! If you’ve purchased the shoes, the clothes, the videos, the books, the apps and the gym membership, but never do anything with them except talk about what you are going to do then you have wasted your money. Planning and failing to execute is still failing. There is no gold star given on the chore board for planning to do anything. You get the gold star when you actually do it! Yay! Little Johnny didn’t hit anyone today (because little Johnny is a playground brawler working on his ground and pound) he gets a gold star!!! But really Little Johnny has been thinking about dropping Timmy or Jeff all day. But because he didn’t gold star time for him!

Haha! Rants are fun!

The point is point down the donut, greasy fries, diet soda, and whatever else you are putting in your pie hole and treating your stomach like a disposal and get up. Do 5 jumping jacks or go for a walk or something! When I am at the gym I am not impressed by the bulging muscle guys or the fit chicks it’s the fat bloke (like me) that I give the head nod to in acknowledgement that this sucks, but we got this! It is the woman who is so self-conscience that she doesn’t make eye contact with anyone that I try to say hello to, but her hard work needs to be acknowledged. Boo for becoming dissatisfied physically, whatever that may look like for you), but heck yeah get some for getting out there and doing something to change it!!!!!

Have a great day and a great workout!