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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I have heard it said over and over again, “the hardest part is starting” with regards to working out. This is true. The next hardest afterward is sticking with it. If I give up on this, if I give up on myself, I am giving up on everyone else I love. If I am not willing to take the time to be there for me so that I can be there for them I am going to fail them each time.

I love those satellite tv commercials that take situations to the extreme. Most recently the end line has been, “don’t get body slammed by a low-land gorilla”. As funny as these are, what are they really saying? They are ridiculous statements of compromise. They are reflections on moments when we make a choice that leads to horrible moments of dissatisfaction. So do yourself a favor, “don’t get body slammed by the low-land beast of regret. Get up, get moving, and finish strong!

Have a great day and a great workout!