Recently, I did a short Q&A with Personal Trainer Michelle and during our chats she told me about a little project she had been working on. She has been taking workouts on Pinterest and putting them to the test. Are they really burning what they claim they can burn?

Here’s the disclaimer: Michelle is a personal trainer and one of the most fit people I know. She is going to be burn calories more efficiently than you or I would. With that stated don’t let it discourage you. Stick with what you are doing if you are seeing results. But It might be worth investing in your own heart rate monitor & calorie burn tracker. I know it is something I plan on doing in the near future. So take a look at the pictures below. These are from her Instagram account. I tried to keep everyone else’s information out of these shots (I have permission to use Michelle’s not everyone else!)

By the way: A HUGE Thanks to Michelle and anyone else who takes the time to put stuff like this out there for others to see. I am going to be doing the same once I have my own gear, but in the mean time lets take a look at the hard work Michelle has put in! Also, included is at least one picture of her normal workout and what she has burned. Follow her on Instagram!