Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: “things I don’t miss” is what I have been thinking about this morning. This list includes, but not limited to:

Fast Food
Being winded going upstairs
Inches and weight lost
Feeling bloated
Always feeling tired
My seatbelt almost not fitting
Loosing points in my BP

I thought about this and other stuff as I was working out this morning. As you are working out, changing your lifestyles, and just getting healthier take time to reflect back on the losses in your journey. Also, think about the gains! I have gained endurance, healthier self talk, gained more energy to where I am not falling asleep at 4:30-5:00pm in the evening, and I am making new friends and new connections with people who share their stories with me, who read this blog, and who can identify with my struggles and successes. Writing this blog has been such a great for me and I hope you enjoy reading it!

So stop reading and get to sweating!!!