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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I am so ready to be at my goal! I looked at my bride the other day and stated, “I am ready for this fat to start melting off!” I am at this weird in between place physically where most of my pants don’t fit in the waist (too big) and what does is too small in the thighs/hips area… UGH!

But I have to remind myself that the pants that are now too big in the waist were too small at Christmas. I feel like my progress is trudging along, but it is still moving forward! It’s like the principle of compound interest… Each day’s successes and failures are added to the previous day’s that builds momentum. The rejoice of the failures bring a sweet excitement while the failures become a driving force.

Your progress may be slow at times, but it is still progress! Don’t give up and Let’s Finish Strong!

Have a great day and a great workout!