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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: the folks over at Runner’s World posted this yesterday and it speaks to me in two ways: 1. Henry Ford said it. I like Ford vehicles (especially the 60’s era) 2. It speaks to the uncrushable will we all possess. Some of us have given this over to others to destroy and some of us have allowed it to be overridden with fear and excuses. Take back your strength of will! Fight the desire to give up or give in! I am not a runner… Frankly it is my least favorite thing to do in the gym, but my bride is. She is one of my biggest inspirations and I have watched her go from being discouraged because she couldn’t run very far to discouraged when she can’t run for as long as she would like. She has not let excuses stop her. When she couldn’t run outside due to weather she was on the treadmill or doing Zumba or something and it helps me get off my fat butt and push myself! So find your Henry Ford, find your version of my bride, find someone whose actions will speak louder than words that you can if you try! It won’t be easy, but anything worth having is worth working for!

Have a great day and a great workout!