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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: going to the gym is intimidating. Stepping inside and looking around to see if this is the place for you is sometimes more difficult that the miles you put on the treadmill. Looking around and seeing all the people who are there and instantly judging them (we’ve all done it): “does he or she look better than me?” “Do I look better than them?” “Wow! That person is vet attractive (to put it generically)!” “That person needs to be here more than me.”

I think you get the idea…

Unless one of them is going to train you, workout with you, or be an active part of you journey/goal being polite and smiling and a friendly greeting is all that you should concern yourself with. It doesn’t matter what they look like. What matters is your journey and your goal. The choices you’ve made to eat healthier, to cultivate actual will power, and to start working out should be your main concern. Just because they look like a marathoner or some kind of elite athlete does not mean they are healthier than you, it means they look different. So do yourself a favor and just workout. Unless you are at a gym that strives to build community through its style or setup then treat it as if you are there with the whole place to yourself.

Have a great day and a great workout!