missed goal
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Well, here we are at the middle of February all ready! Before I dive into this month’s status lets look at where I started and my last goal update:

Starting weight: ~316 lbs (12/25/2013)
Short term goal: lose 5 lbs. and change diet/lifestyle
Midterm goal: lose a total of 15 lbs.
pant size: 50

Weight: 295.8
Pant size: 46
All goals met or exceeded!

New monthly goals:
Short term/Mid-Month goal: by 2/14/2014 lose 10 more pounds (285.8lbs target weight)
End of month goal: 11:30 mile consistently.

Today is 2/14/2014 and here is the update:

Weight: 290.1
Pant Size: 45
Goal NOT met.

As I have thought about this and what could be the cause (NOT EXCUSES) I reflect on the following:
Mild Cold, Stomach Bug, and routine change. I swapped out sprint intervals for more of a functional strength routine. I think this was my biggest contributor to missing my goal. My target was 10lbs lost and I could have accomplished this with more cardio like I did my first goals. While I am seeing physical changes: better overall health, more muscle definition, clothes fitting better, I set a goal related to weight not physical characteristics and I should have maintained my routine.

Don’t get me wrong I am celebrating what I did lose and the changes I have seen, but I proverbially shot myself in the foot. I changed up routines in the middle of a goal. My hope is that each of you reading this share in my lesson learned: don’t change up your routine in the middle of a goal/challenge. If my goal had been more reps in a certain exercise going to a more functional strength routine would have been ideal at the beginning of the goal, but mine was a loss of weight and I did less aerobic/cardio which brought me success last time.

This is not me being down or depressed about missing my goal, because I will meet the next one! This means I need to better pay attention to my strategy and execution. I have been consistent in my daily routine of being prepared for the gym and going (when the snow and ice aren’t keeping me from it) and if I can’t go working out at home. My diet has been consistent sticking as close to eating Paleo as I can, but ultimately, I was the inconsistency.

So, with that its time to look at the end of the month and what I had set as my goal.

11:30 mile by the end of the month

Since I have been running less, this is unrealistic.

I am going to stay with the functional strength routine, adding the sprint interval again, and set my end of month goal to be the remaining 4.3lbs of weight loss. Notice I am not saying fat loss. I am just identifying a loss of 4.3lbs on the scale. Realistically this will be fat, but since I don’t currently have a scale or any equipment to accurately measure body fat percentage, fat-to-muscle ratio, or anything like that I am just going to stick with weight on my scale.

Please keep up the encouragement and motivation! Let me know of your successes and what you are doing! Celebrate where you can! Evaluate where you don’t meet your goals, but DO NOT GIVE UP!

Let’s finish strong together!