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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: today is celebrated as a day of love. Whether you celebrate or not is up to you and your loved one, but are you doing anything for your future? For me when I started this journey I was 316lbs, I was approaching high blood pressure related health issues, I’m sure I was pre-diabetic, and had aches and pains that I attributed to getting older. Now, I am investing in my future and my love for my family by radically changing my diet (read: no more sugary drinks, candy, and junk food) and have been exercising regularly. This has made a world of difference! We cannot go back and change what we have done, but we can ensure we do not repeat failures so start something and see it to completion!

As I’ll talk about later today, you are still going to struggle and you may not celebrate victory at each goal deadline, but that does not mean you give up. You keep going! Identify what kept you from meeting the goal and adjust accordingly!

Have a great day and a great workout!