There are a couple of vending machines at work that I walk by on a regular basis that have become part of the backdrop for me. Prior to starting my pursuit to a healthier me they were a destination rather than part of the room décor and it is exciting to look at the machines and think there is nothing in you that I want. It is not even a thought of I really shouldn’t have that. My thoughts have become I don’t want it. It would be sabotage to indulge that way. I like setting myself up for success rather than failure. But if you are not at that point please do not be discouraged if you do indulge. I really don’t think it would be detrimental if you allowed yourself a “cheat” once in a while, but have it be seldom rather than frequent. If you are working towards a healthier you, stay encouraged, stay motivated, but do not let an occasional indulgence be derailment. Keep going to the gym, keep making the choice for healthier options, keep up the good work!