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Good Afternoon!

As I write this I am feeling like poop! I have a mild cold, but I am not one of those typical guys that needs to be waited on hand and foot. My bride gets upset with me because I don’t let her take care of me (so that is something else I am working on!), but never-the-less being sick does not mean I can eat crap or not stick to the Paleo lifestyle. What I used to eat when I feel like this was pudding, clam chowder, and all kinds of other junk food. NOT ANYMORE! Once I was ready to eat I cooked two eggs with a few pieces of bacon, a banana, and some green tea. Lunch consisted of another banana, apple, a couple of oranges and more green tea. OH and copious amounts of water.

The point of all this… NO EXCUSES! Just because you or I get sick does not give a reason or excuse to sabotage yourself. Stick to the healthy lifestyle changes you have made. Even though I did not work out today I still ate within my dietary goals and am getting plenty of rest. I do have to say, nothing like a hot shower to take you from feeling like crap to feeling more like a person! So if you find yourself being sick to compromise! Throw on your comfy clothes, maintain your diet, and get plenty of rest. I’m hanging out in a comfy shirt, my kilt, and fleece slippers enjoying some HGTV. So stick with it and Finish Strong!!!

Have a great day and get some rest!