Here we are at the end of January and it’s time for an update on my monthly short term and midterm goals. Truth time… Nothing to hide so that everyone can be motivated.

Starting weight: ~316 lbs (12/25/2013)
Short term goal: lose 5 lbs. and change diet/lifestyle
Midterm goal: lose a total of 15 lbs.
pant size: 50

Weight: 295.8
Pant size: 46
All goals met or exceeded!

New monthly goals:
Short term: by 2/14/2014 lose 10 more pounds (285.8lbs target weight)
End of month/midterm goal: 11:30 mile consistently.

I hope everyone can be encouraged by my hard work to produce results in their own life. Change your eating habits, add some kind of work out, and stay encouraged! It is by the encouragement of my wife and those in my life that this was possible! Thank you to everyone who has read this blog, followed along, and wanted better for themselves! Each of you is motivation for me to not give up!

Have a great day!


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