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So I thought I would start doing some product reviews of things that I use in the gym and one of those is a Pre-Work Out drink mix.

*Disclaimer: It should go without saying that I am not a healthcare professional, nutritionist, or any other professional qualified to recommend diet changes, workout routines, or anything else that could impact your health. Before starting anything in this blog you should check with your health care provider and also do so research on anything before doing it. The views expressed are my personal experiences and things that I have done. What has worked for me may not work for you.*

First, what is a Pre-Work Out (PWO) Supplement? Well in simplest terms it is something you can take to help you get ready for your workout. If you are familiar with workouts or weightlifting it gives you that “pump” or “boost” to push past your normal range. NO, this is not  a steroid. Most of the contain caffeine, creatine in some form, and other ingredients to boost energy levels. If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, just think of it almost like a sugar rush, just without the sugar.

So, hopefully I explained what a PWO is sufficiently enough that you have and idea what I am talking about… if not… I apologize! With that stated, lets dive right in.

Product: Cellucor C4 Extreme
Flavor: Pink Lemonade
Size: 30 servings
Cost: $20 Amazon

Basically you start off with 1 scoop to see how strong it is. After that you can do 2 scoops. There is a little bit of caffeine in it, but not so much that your heart will race. The flavor is great and it mixes well. I use a regular shaker/blender bottle with roughly 5 -6 ounces of water. The taste is great with no after taste or after burp taste (gross I know, but it happens!). I take this when I am about 15 minutes out from the gym so by the time I get there and get changed I am ready to go.

What I like about it is that the flavor is great, it gives me that little bit extra (much-needed at 5:30am) for the sprint intervals and when it wears off I am not left feeling like I just crashed and burned. I don’t have jitters, just a feeling of ready to give as much as I can in my work out.

What I don’t like is that unless you are willing shop around it could be a little pricey. With that said, AMAZON!

I hope this review has helped! Feel free to ask my questions. I didn’t get into all the ingredients and potencies because it can be overwhelming to people, but I am happy to provide those if needed.


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