Sitrep: Ok, so I was very quiet this week, but for good reason! I’ve been brainstorming and working on the nutrition plan for workout plan I’ve put together. It is taking longer than expected (grr!) so I’ll be posting the fitness program portion later today! 

Here is the background on what I’ve been working on: the new year is coming and with that in mind I wanted to roll out something to help people move from being resolutioners to lifestyle changers! I wanted a program that wasn’t intimidating, built upon itself and could be started by anyone. Finally, I wanted something that would work! 

I’m not expecting much, huh? 

This program is designed around bodyweight movements, cardio, and strength training. It is put together and organized in such a way to focus on body composition change (read fat loss). 

Full Disclosure: I only organized this program. The exercise science and research was done by others. What I have done is tried it out, done the movements, and built the schedule. In the future I hope to truly create my own program, but for now I have organized this to remove the guess work. What’s left for you is to do it! 

Come back later today  for when I post the routine! 

Thank you for following along and hanging in their with me!