Hydration is the name of the game! Think about it, have you ever been kept at the hospital for any length of time (as a patient) and didn’t get an IV of saline to keep you hydrated? All of life gravitates around water! You see this in nature and in the cultivation of the world. Even in survival training it is taught that if you find a river follow it down stream and you will eventually find people. 

Making sure we are drinking plenty of water is an easy step in ensuring the ecosystems that are our bodies are functioning as well as they can be. I try to drink at least 80oz a day. Right now since I am trying to loss fat, I am drinking at least a gallon. 

I know what you are thinking, “wow Erik! That sure does sound like a lot!” Well… Do you drink 4- 20oz sodas a day? That’s 80oz on its own. Maybe 2-20oz sodas and 4 cups of coffee (small cups 6-8oz)… That’s 64oz to 72oz! So see, drinking plenty of water isn’t so far fetched! 

The picture in today’s motivation is what I use! A 16oz shaker bottle and a 1 gallon jug. Where the water level is in my jug is how much I have consumed since 9:29am this morning, not including 2 additional shaker bottles worth before and after my workout. 

Every morning I fill it up and try to finish it before the end of the day. For me that’s from 4:45am to 10:00pm (usually). That’s 17.25 hours to drink 128oz. That’s breaks down to 7.42oz an hour, making it a far more manageable feat! 

So drink up! Figure out the strategy that works best for you and get it done! 

And remember, we are just ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives!