Running… This word can conjure joy and agony, dedication and dread, accomplishment and fear. Running is a total body exercise incorporating not just the legs, but the core. It takes a good heart both physically and metaphorically to get started because this one act is so daunting for so many. To this there running and I share a love hate relationship. I love the accomplishment of pushing myself further and further, but hAte the very idea of it! For a long time I would joke that I would only run if I were being chased or that I was built for comfort not speed. But these were anecdotal responses to my dread of not being able to do something well. That’s why I appreciate this article from Runner’s World. They break it down and it really becomes something that everyone can do. We all have to start somewhere, why not start by reading this: The World’s Simplest Learn to Run Program

Have a great day, a great workout, and remember we are just ordinary people trying to live extraordinary lives! 

Erik aka: The Fat Boy