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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: OH MAN! I made a rookie mistake!!! I am so excited that I have incorporated ACTUAL running in with my workouts, but I have overdone it! Instead of taking it easy and resting and GRADUALLY adding length and speed to my runs I did the opposite. I’m dumb here’s why… now I hurt and not in a I’m satisfied way… Its nice to able to say that its from running, but sucks that I will need to take at least 3 days off to make sure I don’t hurt myself more!

So, here are my words of wisdom for you today: Be mindful and take it easy when starting something new! Don’t over do it! Remember you are adding to your workout not in place of so that you can maintain momentum! But its a lesson learned that I HOPE to not repeat… although I am certain I made this same mistake earlier this year! HAHA! Oh well maybe this time it will sink in!

Have a great day and a great work out!