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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: what’s your excuse? We all have them. Even though I actively work on destroying mine, it doesn’t stop them from trying to get the best of me. Yesterday, for example, I didn’t eat a much due to working out in the yard and by the time I came in it was close to dinner time, but once I realized I was hungry it was on! I wanted a basket of fish and chips, with banana fluff-a-nutter milkshake, and an ice cold cream soda on the side! My excuse justification was: “well you worked out this morning, you haven’t eaten much, you’ve been good, (here’s the clincher) you deserve it!”


I had some cantaloup instead and then at a moderate dinner! I know anticlimactic, but I didn’t give it. There is no ticker-tape parade or trophy for doing what you should. There is usually no audience to nod approvingly as you walk a little taller and hold your head a little higher when denying your excuses. And that’s ok! What you build is integrity (doing what you know you should when no one is watching) and you build credibility for the times that people are watching!

At my work it drives people crazy that I don’t eat the pizza or donuts, or anything else they bring in. One guy in particular tries to wear me down with sarcasm, but I just laugh and return the volley by saying have you tried NOT eating everything that is brought in? And it tears him up that no one is coming to talk to him about nutrition and exercise, because what you don’t know is that he is a tennis coach and plays rec basketball regularly, but yet people see the weight he is packing on. His excuse is that he can eat what he wants because he is physically active. Maybe as a kid or teenager when your body is burning through calories like a puppy through tennis balls, but at over 50 it’s time to start making changes!

Please don’t see this as criticism of this guy or an “I’m better than him because” analogy. This is an example of what it takes. It takes daily saying yes to setting yourself up for success in reaching your goals. Sure a cheat meal is fine once in a while (I hope to have one soon!) but not daily! Overall success is found in the collective culmination of small victories. It doesn’t matter your age, it doesn’t matter your body type, all that matters is if you are going to try each and every day. If you fail today, learn from that failure and don’t repeat it tomorrow.

No matter how old you are dream and set goals. Then do what it takes to reach them!

Have a great day and a great workout!