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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: Run, Fat Boy, Run! Ok so I am not referencing the movie, although I did enjoy it, these were the words to myself on the way to the gym this morning. I decided to stay in bed a little extra and cuddle with my bride so I traded gym time for filling our love tank. WHICH IS ALWAYS ACCEPTABLE!!!

When I finally got to the gym I knew I had to make it count! So onto the treadmill I go! Yesterday I wrote about trying so today that’s what I did. I skipped the C25k program because I didn’t have time and just ran. I warmed up by walking for 4 minutes and then RAN for 6 straight minutes! This may not seem like a big deal, but at 70.5 inches tall and 258lbs running isn’t my favorite. But the Cheshire Cat grin I had on my face as the 5 minute mark ticked past and onto the 6th I felt like I had just finished a race.

In a way I did. I out ran my excuses! I used to joke (and still do) that I am built for comfort not speed, but today I felt different. I found my stride and my pace and just went. Oh I am sure I sounded like a Clydesdale on a cobble stone street as my feet landed on the treadmill belt, but I didn’t care. I know that there are people watching when I come in. They have seen me struggle with 10 minutes on the elliptical and watched as I fall onto the floor a hulking, blubbery sweaty mess so watch on they can! They can watch as I devour my fear and push past my comfort zone, they can watch as I struggle with new exercises and have to switch to an easier version or lighter weight to finish that set and the can watch as I walk out each day and each time satisfied that I didn’t give up!

Can you say the same?

People are watching (not to make you paranoid or self-conscience). Give them a reason to. Make it worth their time as they see you crush your limits and put to rest your fear. Encourage them with your tenacity as you make your weakness succumb to the might of your will and be the example they have been longing for as they see you struggle for success.

Don’t give, don’t give in, and let’s do this!!!

Have a great day and a great workout!