Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday not for vanity sake, but for an update on progress. This picture represents approximately 5.5 months of work! Down from 316 to 259, down from 3x to XL, down from almost 52 waist to 40!!! Little did I know that it would lead to a conversation with my teenage daughter about her own fitness goals. She was frustrated how she looked in her own skin. It was heartbreaking and frustrating for me and her mom. She would only doing something for about a week and a half and then quit because it was difficult or inconvenient. What we told her and what I’m telling you is this: pick something and stick with it for at least 30 days. You may see results right away you may see them in week three, but either way give your choice a chance.

The other thing I will tell you is to pick a goal. My daughter didn’t have one picked out and so she didn’t know where to focus her energy. Again tell you what I told her: define a goal. Your nutrition and workouts should be tailored to your goals. One you have your goal defined & your plan sketched out give it everything you have! Give it your best! If this were easy you would have reached your goal by now!

To put any minds at ease about teenage girls and their self-image my bride and I reassured her that she was a healthy weight and that she was beautiful. We let her know that this was nothing to be stressed over or to worry over. We told her she is healthy and at her age she can expect her body to change (puberty! Ain’t it fun!). She picked out a goal and we have helped her define what it will take to reach her and will be encouraging her to stick with it. And no, her goal is to not look like some unattainable airbrushed model or celebrity!

So don’t give up! If you are frustrated make sure you have a clearly defined goal, laid out a nutrition and exercise plan, and then just attack it with all the energy you can!

With that I’m off to work on my own goals!

Have a great day and a great workout!