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Erik’s Fat Boy Motivation: I like when this happens. When I first started out and was dropping big numbers people would ask, “so what are you doing to lose so much weight?” I would tell them and they would laugh, realize I was being serious, the it would be an uncomfortable silence. Your level of dedication is going to be foreign to people.

Then conversations become:
“You mean you get up early, go to the gym, pretty much beat yourself up, eat properly and smile at the end if the day because you are satisfied?”

Yep that’s the short of it.

“Maybe one day, but I’m not ready for that. I don’t think.”

Sure you are just start off a couple days a week, ease into it so you don’t hurt yourself and then after a couple of weeks just start HAMMERING it!

** blank stare**

“So, would you mind writing out what you are doing? You know, your workouts and how you are eating?”

Not a problem!

This is a great feeling because it is the culmination and validation of your hard work and efforts! It’s like seeing my high school friend at the gym. She is killing it and you can already see a difference! I am so excited for and proud of her! And you know what, if it hasn’t happened already, people are going to start to take notice. She is going to become the go to person for those around her; not because she holds any secret, but because she is dedicated!

So today, do not waiver in your dedication. You are doing this for you, never forget that. But you are also in the unique position to mightily impact someone’s life for the better. Becoming healthy is more than a game changer it’s a life changer AND it impacts generations. Kids may have more time with the parents, those parents may love to see grand kids or great grand kids, all because of how you decided to change your life.

So have a great day and a great workout!