So this morning my heart wasn’t really into writing a post and I apologize for just “phoning it in”. I really wanted to crawl back in bed, snuggle next to my bride and have a leisurely day. In fact, when I posted the three pictures this morning I was sitting in my vehicle outside of the gym debating on whether to go in or not. Today, I was just not feeling it… But I posted those three pictures, went inside and jogged a half mile (which felt great with the insoles I slid in them), did day 1 of a Guns, Buns, and Abs challenge to be bikini ready (HA! I’m just kiddin’ I’m European… we don’t wear tops just skimpy bottoms!……………. KIDDING! I DON’T WANT ANYONE GOING BLIND FROM JUST THINKING ABOUT THAT!)

Anyway, after knocking out the challenge for today I then made my way to the pull-up rack and knocked out a few assisted sets. Point is I didn’t give up. I was reminded that by writing this blog it isn’t just for me it is for you too. I write this so that when you feel blah and lackadaisical you will not want to just sit on your bum and be blah. I didn’t succumb to my desire to throw in the towel for today. I don’t want you to either. A friend of mine, Tiffanie, reminded me that even when we fail we can still be successful. This morning I started out unmotivated and blah! But now I am ready to attack whatever hurdle I come across!

If you find yourself in the same place: just wanting to go back to bed do something. Do 10 squats or jumping jacks or something to get the blood flowing and be reminded that there is still a day full of opportunities to turn “I don’t want to” into “I just killed that!”

Have a great day and a great workout!